Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snowy Pines Cross Stitch by Little House Needleworks

If I had all the time in the world, I would stitch every design by Little House Needleworks! I adore everything she makes! You can't order directly from her website as she just sells to local specialty shops. Unfortunately, I don't have a shop very near my home but no matter, my favorite place to shop online for needlework supplies is 123Stitch! This is a fabulous online store with very fast delivery and great customer service. Highly recommended.

I have only completed this one design from there so far, but plan to do many more in the future.
If my memory serve me right, this was the first time I stitched on linen. I believe it was 28ct. I think it really adds to the rustic look of the design.

It was a quick little project and was a complete joy to stitch! Here's the finished project...
I even learned how to make my own twisted cord out of the leftover threads!

If by this point you're wondering how I turned this lovely piece of stitching into this flat ornament and the twisted cord, you can learn how (along with many other fantastic finishing tutorials) over at The Twisted Stitcher's website!

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