Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Very Frst Cross Stitch

I recently came across this in storage. It's my very first cross-stitch project. I'm not sure of the year I worked on it but I'm guessing it was roughly 1999-2000. This was 1 of 12 patterns in a book that I no longer have called Paula Vaughan's Quilts For All Seasons: A Collection of 12 Cross Stitch Designs Celebrating the Patchwork Quilt (Leisure Arts #2539). This was January Quilt...
After I snapped this photo, I removed it from the frame and was able to get most of the yellow stains out. I would like to re-frame it properly now that I know a little bit more about how to do it.
A Rather difficult project for a beginner if I remember correctly. That's probably why I only did this one project and didn't stitch again until July 2010 when I found Bird Seasons!

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