Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I did another layout, WooHoo!

Credits: Template by Tami-Scraprallye; Kit-Birthday bliss by me; Fonts-A little Pot, Nueva
Although my schedule lately has been a bit busy, I managed to do this layout last night. My son's 5th birthday was Sunday and I wanted to show you his "Dirt Cake" with gummy worms (recipe here )! The recipe calls for you to layer this dessert in a flower pot and serve it with a garden shovel (or a sand pail and shovel). Since Hunter loves trucks, DH had this great idea to serve in in the back of a dump truck! It was a big hit with all nine boys at the party ...and the adults :)
I started homeschooling kindergarten with Hunter this week. He seems to enjoy it so far and I realize I need to improve my organizational skill if I have any hope of being successful with this! It seems like there's a lot to do in a day but I think it's just because we are new to it and haven't found our rhythm yet. When I get settled with this new schedule, I'll try to make a nice big freebie for you all! Until then, I may be a little scarce :)


Anonymous said...

WOW.. what a neat bd cake.. looks like he really liked the idea.. happy birthday to hunter.. great page also.. thanks for sharing his day w/ me!!

LVMommy22 said...

love your LO and that cake looks like so much fun!
:) M

grambie said...

Such a fun idea for all the dear ones to enjoy your fabulous and fun cake. (We use to make a cake called Mud Pie and it was rich, rich, rich with all the home prepared chocolate goodies and served with cream, etc.) Love the multiple photos and their so happy arrangement. The use of the truck element as server adds that lovely whimsical touch. Happy Birthday Hunter!!

SAHM said...

As a homeschooling parent, and one who knows about the K12 system [through an acquaintance], it takes a while to get it all organized, but once you're into the routine [and the child is too!], you get get the schooling done in about 2 hours a day [really!]. Good luck on the schooling! Are you doing ISP or through a group? [I know people who've done both, thus the question]