Sunday, January 30, 2011

Photography Workshop!!!!

I was one of the 50 lucky people to get into Karen Russell's next Photography Workshop.
It sold out in under a minute but G registered for me because he's really fast at entering info ;).
It starts tomorrow, 1-31-11.
I'm really excited to see what I learn.
I LOVE to learn about photography!
Did I mention I'm really excited about this 9 week workshop?
I'll share my photos...the good, the bad, the ugly....maybe ;)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My New Macbook Pro!

I've always been a pc person but now I'm a Mac girl! G (as I'm now going to refer to my hubby) got a 15" Macbook Pro from his work and convinced me I needed one, too. Well, when the fan broke on the IBM laptop I was using, instead of fixing it, he surprised me with my very own 13" Macbook Pro. I have to say...I now understand the term "Once you go Mac, you never go back"! They are awwwwww-some!
We still have a couple other non-Mac laptops in the house that are used primarily by H and R (my 8 and 6 year olds). I've still been homeschooling on the non-Mac laptop since I have to share it with H and R. (not ready for them to get too comfy with "my" new toy just yet, lol!). And I still prefer to use the non-Mac laptop if I'm surfing while eating. Not quite ready to get crumbs in the keyboard of my precious new Mac just yet. There are some great fun things to play with. The favorite for the boys is Photo Booth with all sorts of fun ways to to make yourself look goofy with the built in camera. My favorite is iMovie '11. The boys had to do presentations about themselves for their online school so I jumped right into iMovie and made a couple little bios of the boys to present to their class for their "Stars of the week" presentations. So fun! Here they are if you'd like to watch:

Croup :(

R has Croup and I feel bad for him. Croup is most common in kids under the age of 3 but Riley has a tendency to get it pretty bad even now, at age 6. He managed to skip it last winter but we weren't so lucky this winter. He usually gets it bad enough that we have to treat it with a dose of steroids (which I hate having to do). Hope he feels better soon! G didn't sleep a wink last night because when the boys get sick, he stays up most of the night keeping a watchful eye on them checking temps, listening to their breathing, giving them meds and most of all worrying about them. Lucky for me he's a night owl and has always been the nighttime caretaker of the boys from day 1 (except when I was nursing but even then, he gave them bottles whenever he could). I take over after 5 am since I'm the morning person of the house.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our 2010 Christmas Card

Happy New Year!
2011 New Year Blog-olutions...
1. Give this Blog a facelift- CHECK
2. Start posting to this blog again-CHECK
3. Continue posting to this blog regularly- that remains to be seen but I'm gonna try!

Anyway, thought I'd share the Christmas card I sent out this year. Better late than never. I really do have tons to blog about it's just that I've been going through a bit of a needlework phase and when I have a minute or two, I want to work on that rather than blog. I will try to share more about that soon.

Layout Credit:
Candy Cane Alpha-Marie Rosendo
Vellum Swirls and Background from Christmas Story kit-Kitty Designs
Everything else from Jolly Holiday kit-Weeds & Wildflowers