Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Find your layouts here!

I must say that it's a wonderful feeling to make a kit and see people downloading it but it's an even greater feeling to see people use it! If you would like to view some great layouts made with my kits, check out the links below. If you have made a layout and would like to share, send me a link. I'd love to see them and I'll post a link here!

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Ria made a lovely dog webpage here
SSchulte did 2 wonderful fall layouts here and here.
Melody did some cute FeltyDog layouts here and has lots of other wonderful layouts of her 8 dogs in her gallery.
Robbi did a sweet layout of her cat here
Patamomma did a wonderful fall layout here
Jen did a great layout here
Nighty did another super layout here
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Phreyfall did a doggie layout here
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JBurkhart did two layouts here and here
Michele did a camping layout here and a sweet layout of her dog here
craZcat3835 did a layout right here and here
Boneca-de-papel scraps did a layout with her template here
soccermom7975 did a layout of her dog here
Nighty did a colorful layout here
Danielle did a baseball layout here
Tammy did two more layouts here and here
Radmama did a super camping layout here
LVMommy22 did a wonderful layout of 'A dog named Colin'
CharleesAngel did a super sweet layout of 'Sadie Girl'
Dorannmwin did fantastic layout of her furangel Fudge
Jenni did 3 awesome layouts of her doxies and has more to come.
Ebienic did a wonderful layout of her furbaby, Chance.
Erida made and adorable layout of her cat furbabies.
Tammy did a very creative layout of her wet dog Linux.
Birthe has 2 fantastic layouts ofPjusken here and here
Desiree did an adorable layout of little Miss Maddie.
Debbie made 3 super cute layouts of her puppy Sassy here, here and here...she also did a Grungy Athlete layout here.
Sarah did a wonderful layout of her new puppy here and here.
Paula did a very sweet layout of Tommie here and here
Stephanie made an adorable layout of Adie.
Campinbuff did two precious layouts of Turbo here an here.
DaraGolden created this stunning layout of her cat Hidee
Tracy has a sweet and funny layout of her dog Medium.
Mother Goose used my Celestial kit for this sweet layout of Ryan.
Izziescraps did an adorable layout of Natalie here
TNchick has an adorable layout of Zoey
Renee has a few great layouts on her blog right here
Pam did a super layout of her cat Sagamore
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Tammy used my Grungy Athlete kit to scrap her son's soccer picture
DawnP did some sporty layouts here
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Pam did another adorable layout here.
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MomSoto did a great job with this layout of her dog Cadence.
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Cindyw9 did a cute layout with Playful Plaid here
Danielle did 3 sporty layouts here
Craftychristie did a camping layout here

Best Friends

I can't leave well enough alone...I had to redo this layout, too, LOL! I found some pics I wanted to add. This is Candy with her best friend Kayla. Kayla looks older than Candy with her white mussel but she's the younger one by 4.5 years. Kayla misses her buddy, that's for sure. I made these circle frames using Tandika's felt action(which I may give out as freebies, soon) the brads, and metal letters were all made with actions from Atomic Cupcake. Font is Comic Sans.

Sleepy Dog

For this layout, I just scraplifted the layout I did of the sleepy cat and changed it a bit for my sleepy dog.

Lounging on the deck

I just loved this teplate by Traci Simms called Freestyle and had to use it for one of Candy's pages. The font is Dupree. I originally had the background green but it just did't feel right...so I changed it :)


I originally did this layout using the Festival kit by Shabby princess but changed it to match the rest of the Felty layouts for the album. I did keep the frame from that kit because it's so cute. Font is Comic Sans.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Layout of...someone's cute kitty!

I found this adorable picture on Stockxchng (a stock photo site) to use for this layout.
Thank you all again for the most wonderful comments!!!!! It does my heart good!!!! Tip for the doodles....I used the blue felt sheet over the yarn doodle layer and created a clipping mask (or group them according to your sotware method) to give the yarn some texture. Then I added a drop shadow for depth. Just something to try!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Felty Cat, Add-on to Felty Dog!

OK, by request from all the CAT lovers out there...I made an add-on to Felty Dog just for you! I've never owned a cat before so I did the best I could with this, LOL! I made the doodles small but they can be resized to your liking. If you just have a cat and not a dog, be sure to download Felty Dog, too, because most of it can be used for a dog or cat. ENJOY!!!

Felty Cat Add-on

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

All I can say is...WOW! I'm overwhelmed with the amount of downloads and the wonderful comments left about my kit! My head is swelling now, that's for sure! Now that so many of you have this kit, I would love to see some furry faces on some layouts, so if you do one, please send it my way. I did get a request for a cat version of this kit and I can't promise but I just may try to do some add-on stuff for you cat lovers out there. It was a total fluke that I drew a dog doodle and it actually looked like a dog so I don't know how well I can draw a cat, LOL!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sample layout using my kit

Here's page 8 of Candy's album (I need to get the rest up here so you can see them)
Kit used was my freebie called Felty Dog
Template used was made by IkeaGoddess
Thanks to Tandika Star at Digiscrapdesigner and Atomic Cupcake for tools used in this layout

Fonts used were BlackJack and Blueprint

Freebie kit to scrap those four-footed furrry friends!

I made this kit as a tribute to my sweet furfriend, Candy. I lost her to bone cancer in Dec 2006 at the age of 13. I've been making an album for her and wanted to design some stuff for it...then I ended up with a whole kit. Actually, I've already thought of some things to add so there may be more for this kit in the future! I'm fairly new to making digital scrapping elements so stick around and watch me grow, cause I sure love to do it! I want to gIve a special Thank You to Tandika Star at digiscrapdesigner.com for tools used in the making of this kit! Please, if you want to share this link send them to this site to get it, Thanks!

felty dog 1
felty dog 2
felty dog 3

Please let me know if you encounter any problems with the downloads or the kit!