Monday, June 16, 2008

My Technique for getting a good photo of my boys!

When the time rolls around for me to get a decent photo of the boys like for a Father's Day gift for example, I always get a little stressed! If you have young kids, you know how difficult it can be. Sure, I can plan ahead and bring them to a portrait studio and let them do all the work but no, not me. I prefer the 'waiting until the last minute, cross my fingers and hope to get a good photo, then print it at home method.' I find that I have about 5 minutes from the time I start taking pictures until the boys become uninterested and then there's no hope after that. This time, I grabbed the hair gel, put on their coordinating shirts, put my camera in "muli-shot" mode, held the shutter down and snapped about 100 continuous photos. 99 of them turned out like this...

or this...
or this...
But I was lucky enough to get one just like this...

We're good until next time anyway! Ciao for now!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Quickpage Album and New Designer Intro!

Allow me to introduce The Digital Daisy! Christie has recently taken the plunge into the world of digital scrapbook designing. She has a new blog and has already given out her first two freebies, Southwest Style and Budding Artist. Hop on over to her blog to grab these great freebies and welcome her with a nice comment! In addition to her designing, I've recruited her to make an 8x8 Quickpage album with my latest kit! I'm thrilled with the wonderful job she did and hope she will be doing more albums for me in the future! Here is a preview of the album which can be purchased HERE!Here is a layout I did with Christie's Budding Artist freebie:

The pacifier has left the building!

The night before last my 3 year old (almost 4) decided of his own accord that he was ready to give his binky to the binky fairy in exchange for a toy! He assured us he was too big for it and didn't need it anymore. He only uses it for naps and nighttime. So, he put his beloved stash on the chair and awoke to not only one but two toys. All was well until he went to bed last night and realized the gravity of what he had done. He cried and begged in his most pitiful 3yo voice for us to give his new toys back to the binky fairy in exchange for his binks. I laid beside him and distracted him with stories of castles and dragons until he fell asleep. These moments are always bittersweet for us. On one hand we're glad to see our little guys take steps toward growing up but on the other hand those pacifiers have been a permanent fixture of our household for almost 6 years so I'm going to miss seeing them lying around. Now, on to potty training....which Riley has demanded he is NOT ready for! Growing up is hard but at least he still has his bear :)

Credits: Sweet kit from 3 Scrapateers

Monday, June 9, 2008

...and another layout!

Ah! What's summer without a Slip-n-Slide???????? This was taken one year ago and my boys really didn't have the hang of using this thing was more like running, jumping and landing on theire faces! This summer however, they're really getting the whole sliding concept. What really helped them learn was THIS. After trying them at my brother's last week I had to go out and buy a 4 pack at Target! Gotta go take more pictures!
Credits: Funshine kit by Calico Designs; Template by Racketty Scrappety; Fonts-Planet Benson2 and Ziggy Zoe.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

2 new layouts!

There are so many pictures of my boys that I had in mind when I made my latest kit, so I made myself sit down last night and scrap a couple of pages. I have one more in progress that I hope to finish tonight.
Credits: Funshine Kit by Calico Designs; Font on both layouts-Dupree; Template used in top layout by Heather Besnon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Kit and a Freebie!

Hey there scrappers! Depending on the part of the world you live in you're heading into the summer months, right? Well, I just made a kit to help you scrap those summertime memories! It's called Funshine and it's on sale in my store this week for 20% off Here.

I also made a coordinating freebie that I hope you will find useful during these lazy daze of summer...Enjoy! (personal use only)

Funshine Frames