Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Stitching Stash!

Here are my latest stash acquirements from the latter part of 2014. First, another Mill Hill beaded kit called Nuthatch! I still have not stitched the Chickadee kit but when I do, this will go nicely with it. Oh, and I recently noticed there is a new one just out featuring a Robin with her nest that will be added to my stash in the near future! :)

I fell in love with this pattern by Scattered Seed Samplers, a new designer,  and I  had to own it! It's called Mary Mustardseed and it is so me!! The quote says "Scattered seeds I sow for thee, Oh gather birds and sing for me". I will stitch this in 2015, guaranteed!

Another MUST to stitch in 2015 is this Colorado sampler by Fireside Originals. It was kindly gifted to me by a stitcher from The Cross Stitch Forum. She also lives in Colorado and has this same pattern. Our plan is to each stitch it by the end of the year.

Another gift from yet a different stitcher from the same forum is this pattern booklet called Majestic Birds of Prey. It only cost me the price of shipping and has some great patterns I hope to stitch one day!

Finally, While browsing Virpi's blog and all her gorgeous projects, I came across this kit and ordered it the very same day! I think it is soooooo adorable!

Happy Stitching!

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Virpi said...

What a lovely stash! Thank you for mentioning me. I'm blushing... I'm glad my stitching "inspired" you =D