Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2014 finishes!

As promised, here are my finishes in the last half of 2014! The first one is this adorable little cardinal called Lady In Red by Valerie Pfeiffer. I completed it on August 16, 2014!

Also started and finished in August was this stamped project called Enough Coffee by Dimensions.
It was a quick project with some embroidery stitches mixed in. Stem stitch (I think it was) and satin stitch. I'm not great at doing either of those so this was good practice!
I even framed it without glass and a little quilt batting to give it some puff!

In September, I completed Harvest Basket! I stitched most of it the year before and only had the sunflowers to do to finish it up! It called for quite a bit of backstitching, however I chose to only do some around basket handle and stems! You can see more of this project from this post in 2013.

Then on to some Halloween finishes. Completed in Oct 2014 was Halloween Hoot Owl by Ursula Michael. Found in Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue 2014. I altered the original pattern by leaving out the bow-tie.
Also completed in Oct was Happy Halloween Crow by Jan Fate. Also found in the Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue 2014.

Another Halloween project that I actually stitched on august was Pumpkin Stew by Shepherd's Bush Design (Teri L. Richards).
A closer look at the buttons....

If you look close you can see I used 14ct Aida with gold sparkle.

Last but certainly not least is a finish by my 10yo son! He has a bit of an obsession with mustaches and when he saw this kit, he had to have it. I'm proud of him for completing it in just a few days!

Next up.....some new stash,  Wips from late 2014 and some new starts in Jan 2015!


Virpi said...

Thank you for the pics. I liked all your finishes and your 10yo son is really talented. I have tried to teach all my kids to stitch but haven't got any luck so far...

Calico said...

Thank you! My son has now moved on to latch hook, lol!

Ласточка (Swallow) said...

Очень красивая картинка с кардиналом!!!