Saturday, July 28, 2007

Apologies! Still having download problems.

For those of you that are still having problems with your downloads, I'm trying to fix the problem. Everyone that purchased a kit and is having download problems, I will get you the kit one way or another, I promise!
grambie said...

I finally decided to download your little sample as a reminder of your full kit. Love the happy colors and elements that will make any celebration layout a joy. It is a wonderful treasure of happy elements and papers that are so versatile, yet retains that happy vision of family, friends, and love. I only hope that the download for the full kit is working today. I can't wait to download the full kit. Yes, I took the plunge although I had said no more purchases this month. Not only for the size, but for the professional visual appearance of everything within this magna kit. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

Hi Grambie, I tried to e-mail you the links but it bounced back. I went ahead and e-mailed them to the e-mail provided on your paypal account. I sent them though YouSendIt so they may have ended up in your junk folder. If you did not receive the links, please e-mail me and let me know so I can re-send them. I also reset the links on zen cart but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick.I know how frustrating it is to purchase something and not get it ASAP. Thank you for being patient as I work out the kinks in my new store! You can contact me from the e-mail on my blog or through my store.
Well, I'm sitting at the campsite while DH is cooking quesadillas and the boys are happily playing. There's so much to see in this area but all the boys want to do is stay at the campsite, play in the dirt and go to the pool. We're going to bring them to the North Pole-Santa's Workshop tomorrow because I know they'll love that!


Anonymous said...

Where are you camping? We are also in Colorado and always looking for new places to go. We just got back from Deep Lake in Eagle County. If you have any input on new campsites, let me know.

grambie said...

Don't worry about a thing. I got everything through the PayPal email. I had another week of Dr's appt and was running a little behind. I love the kit and oh all the wonderful photos I have to scrap. The kit is just awesome. I showed it to my daughter-in-marriage and she told me she would bring her photo stick with the birthday party at home. She has parties at home for my grands and then met at our house.

So glad you and your family have a chance to enjoy each other. You know how children are; what you want them to see and do, they always have different agendas. So continue to have fun. I will still check as often as I can. I have to do outpatient surgery next week for mt port insertions. It seems my Oncology is still on for another 6 more months. They said it might become a part of my life from here on. Oh well, I rather have the treatments than to be paralyzed from the blood disorder as it kills my nerve endings. So enjoy. Think only positive thoughts. Remember, You Are Loved!