Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I have a question for the dial-up people

Be painfully slow is my page to open. It's been years since I've been on dial-up so I forgot how slow it is. I'm torn because I want to change my blog pages so the are shorter and easier to load but I also want newcomers to be able to enjoy Candy's memorial album and see it's the reason this blog began. Otherwise, newbies will go straight to the freebies and miss her album altogether as it will be burried deep in the archives,LOL! I thought about putting her layouts in one of those blog slideshows but those seem to bog things down, too. Let me know how slow it so I can do something about it.
Well, my kit has been done since yesterday but I'm still jumping through hoops to get the paypal account set up. In order to sell with Paypal, my account has to be verified and in order to do that I need to have a checking account. Well, Since my hubby has a verified paypal account, they wouldn't let me open another one since they only allow one paypal account per checking account and we have a joint checking account. So I had to open another checking account (still waiting for that to be confirmed) then I can verify my Paypal account...and that could still take a few more days. Ugh!


Anonymous said...

I wished for worn dog tags & you made them so I figured the least I could do is answer your dial up question.
With nothing else took 35 minutes for all but one picture on your site to load up. the last picture still was at the same spot after 40 minutes so I figured it probably wasn't going to load. Your site actually loads much faster than most for me and I was surprised that it didn't stop loading with only half of the pictures.
My dial up is really bad. I have to try 3 or 4 times usually to dl anything bigger than 15 megabytes from 4shared

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah & congrats on selling your designs. You are so talented. I hope you continue to enjoy designing digital scrapbook goodies cuz I sure enjoy seeing what you have made!

~HS said...

I used to be on dial up (and we are talking just 6 weeks ago). When I upload kits I break them up for dial uppers but I offer a high speed file with HS on the front so everyone doesn't have to deal with so many little files. 6-10 megs is still a feat, but is okay. Much more than that hurts and it takes a 30-50 meggers all night to download. Anyway, we had the same issue with our family blogs about slow loading so we do mirror pages (basically we cut and paste our posts to two blogs so they are identical in some way). We downplay the photos on the one blog and have a link to the online photo album (webshots). Half of our family is still on dial-up.