Thursday, July 26, 2007

Happy Thursday!

Thank you to everyone that sent well-wishes on my new store and those that purchased items! It's greatly appreciated. I ran into a few snags with a couple of download problems so if anyone has any problems with incomplete downloads, please let me know. I suspect it may be the server that's hosting the files and if so, I want to find a new server before my store gets too full!
LVMommy22 said...

chris, your b-day kit looks like a party all on it's own! it's wonderful! have you thought of breaking it into two parts (ellies and papers)? you might get more sales since some people like one or the other. also, it helps people on a budget: they can buy one part at a time. just a thought! love it! thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion, I will consider doing this. I broke all my older, big kits up like that in the store but really didn't know if people prefer it that way. When I break them up, I have to price them a little differently to make up for the Paypal fees and such because I get charged twice instead of once. I will try to tackle it today!
On a personal note, I'm heading out for another camping trip this weekend for 3 nights. We're staying at the Garden of the Gods campground in Colorado Springs. There are some wonderful sights to see in that area. We will have to leave Kayla home with grandma since most attractions don't allow dogs. She will be very sad when she sees us driving away...she loves to camp. The campground will have internet access (roughin it, I know!) so I will most likely bring my laptop in case there are any problems with the store(good excuse, huh?).
Lastly, I would like to let you know of another new store that is having a 50% off sale on everything for a very limited time so hurry over to Karla's Kaleidoscope Designs and check it out! Also, my friend Lisa at Sassy Scraps is giving away some pretty floral frames in her store and grab them!


grambie said...

Hi, Congratulation on your store. I just couldn't pass that birthday kit by and at the sale price. I love all the fun elements and papers that are appropriate for so many birthday fares. Love the happy colors. I already have the photos to scrap this kit. My family is heavy with December birthdays, 4 in January, and then on. I have photos from grands and one great-grand to scrap. Such a fun kit to purchase.

In regards to separation of kits. Personally, I prefer my kits as an whole. I do not download partial kits. I am purchasing this kit as a way of saying thank you. I am a recent member and really have only downloaded one full kit, the Celestial one that I think is just perfect for baby's as they sleep. I am on a fixed income because of disability/retirement. My medical expenses are extreme. But, I try to at least purchase from select designers every now and then to show my appreciation. I think whatever is best for you in this new endeaver, is what you should follow until your resources increases.

Now, thanks for letting me know that tghe problem is not on my end. I could not get any complete downloads. It gave me about 262 and then cutoff like it is completed. I cleaned out IE stored files trying to see if that would help, but had no success. So I am waiting until things are straightened out. My order number is 1010. There was an error in my email address, but I corrected it today. So thanks again for reduced payment amount of this Mega Kit. I look forward to getting it once your download problems are repaired.

Whenever you start a new process, there are always bugs that have to be straightened. This happens over and over, regardless of how you might try to avoid these problems. So again, Congratulations on your store and its setup. Clean without clutter and easy to navigate. Keep up the good work. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO

Unknown said...

i also purchased the kit and had not really problems.
one part i had to download 2 times because it ended too early, but that doesn´t matter. it´s a very cute kit again, thank you so much.
i´ve read you think about what will be better, a complete kit or elements and papers seperate. i just can speak for myself and i prefer complete kits. in most stores there are both possibilities each part seperate and the whole kit, maybe you want to offer both.

hugs nighty