Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coffee.......I just love it!

I became hooked on Starbuck's coffee about a year or two ago. It started with Pumpkin spice fraps around the holidays, Mocha or coffee fraps in the summer and just plain old coffee of the day, black, all the rest of the time. I used to drag the boys out to the drive-tru almost every morning to get my fix but now I spare them the drive ( and save money, too) by grinding and brewing my own at home (I get the BIG bag of beans at Costco) now and only visit the drive thru for my occasional fraps. Anyway, my favorite time of the day is just after my coffee is fisnished brewing, the boys are eating their breakfast and I have a few minutes to get on the computer and do my daily downloads, check e-mail, read the news and read all the wonderful comments I get from "my people" (that what I call those of you that read my blog, LOL!) Thanks for all the votes on the far # 2 is in the lead. I think I will keep the voting open until midnight tonight, Colorado time. Since I've decided I like to design but I don't like coming up with ideas, I'm next going to let you vote on a theme, so check back and place you votes for that. The weatherman is saying a BIG spring storm is heading our way tonight so I don't think I'll be going anywhere this weekend. I also wanted to thank those of you that have sent me links to your layouts for my spotlight section (in the sidebar), they are all so cute!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like with the storm coming, you will have an opportinity to drinks lots of coffee! Looking forward to seeing the final outcome of the votes. #2 was my vote :) Have a wonderful weekend,

One of your people!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't drink coffee, but my husband does. He loves Starbucks, and our podunk little town finally got two a few months back. But we just bought a house, and they're expensive.

He likes the "fraps" (the cold ones?) better, so I decided to try to make them. I made him some a few weeks back with local coffee, and he said he thought it was better than Starbucks, because it wasn't like drinking a coffee-flavored milkshake.

Kitty said...

Mmmm I love coffee. Very addicted to it. I drink mine black too. You don't find that many people that do drink it black. I am also a big fan of starbucks. I lov ethe caramel machiato the best. Iced or hot!

LVMommy22 said...

ack! i can't stand coffee! you gals can have mine, lol! hey chris, can i vote another dozen times for #3? just to balance things out - 'cuz way too many people are voting for #2! i think their fingers all just slipped anyhow ... lol!
:) M
one of your peeps

Carol said...

Thank heavens we don't have Starbucks where I live here (as opposed to bigger towns), however we do have Gloria Jeans which is the next best thing. Delicious! Very similar. Hope the storm isn't too bad for you.