Saturday, July 30, 2011


I want to mention that this post was created in Feb but never got published so here it is...quite late! On to embroidery....The only type of embroidery I have ever done in the past was cross stitching. Just before Christmas of last year (2010), I thought I would try my hand at some stitches other than the cross stitch. So I purchased a couple of books in addition to receiving some for Christmas.
Lots of fun ideas in the Doodle Stitch books pictured above. I instantly fell in love with this cute little pattern and jumped right in to make my first embroidery project containing so cross stitches...

Not perfect, especially at this close-up view but I love it all the same!

My second project was made for my friend Christie that had admired the pattern in one of my books. It's not perfect either but she has it displayed in her craft room and that makes me proud!

The above projects were all I've done so far with the embroidery aspect of crafting and I have now moved full throttle into crocheting! I have completed one afghan and will be posting pics of my newest one soon!


*Christie* said...

They look plenty perfect to me and I LOVE the one you made for me :) it was so thoughtful!!

Carol said...

Oh my what beautiful embroidery. How cool is that sheep you clever thing.