Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Cross-Stitch Kits!

I've been shopping and here's my haul!!

 First, my most exciting finds! I just returned from a road trip to South Dakota and Wyoming at the end of July. We Visited 3 National Monuments and I was so excited to see that at each of the gift shops, I found a coordinating cross stitch kit by The Posy Collection! Can't wait to collect more on future trips!


 Before going on vacation, I came across these adorable kits by Bent Creek! Quaker Moon and Halloween Branch! Too Cute!

 I think it was in June when I was doing a lot of gardening, I came across these two floral-related kits on Amazon and well, now I own them. Mason Jar Lineup and Roses on White Chair, both by Dimensions. Not sure when I'll stitch them but I do love them!

 This final one was purchased on e-bay. Sunflower Snowman by Dimensions. I saw it stitched up online somewhere and remembered I wanted it a while back. I found it has been discontinued so I grabbed one off e-bay while there are still some (not many) available! I liked it has birds of course :)
See you soon with some updates on a few small projects and a new start! Hint: It's not any of these shown but an older one from my stash.

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Alyssa F said...

Ooh, I have that wildflower kit too. Looking forward to seeing your work on that.