Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's already been a year....

without our sweet Kayla :(
 July 4, 2010
 I still miss her so much and think of her many, many times a day (probably because her picture is what I see every time I look at my iPhone!). It still seems so strange to not have a dog in the house, even after a whole year. I still catch myself about to go put some leftovers in her dish, or look out on the deck to see if she is waiting to come in...things like that were such a habit for so long that I guess it takes time to go away.  I feel sort of guilt that I haven't made a scrapbook for her yet but it seems I have officially lost the scrapping bug. I have had absolutely no interest in scrapbooking anymore at all. I think it's been more than a year since I made a layout and easily that long since I've bought a kit or even browsed a scrapbooking site. Just no interest in it anymore. Pretty sad, I suppose.
So what HAVE I been doing for a year? Being a Hockey Mom, that's what! The boys started inline hockey last April and also take private lessons in ice hockey in case we decide to put them in ice hockey next fall. One thing led to another and the next thing I know we are buying equipment, I'm the taxi to and from the roller rink, ice rink, tournaments twice a month 90 min South or 60 min North, spring break hockey camps, watching hockey on TV, buying equipment, turning my living room into a hockey rink for most of the winter months, winning medals...and did I mention buying equipment??? Up until this past year we were pretty much a non-team-sport-participating family so this has all been quite a change for me and has taken some getting used to. It's all good and I'm so proud of my little hockey boys!

In addition to all the hockey we managed to successfully complete another year of homeschooling! The boys are all ready to move on to 2nd and 4th grade next fall! Wow!
  I haven't been completely non-creative by any means, no sir-ee. My moments alone to be creative are few and far between but I do cherish those moments and try to have a project ready and waiting when those moments do arise. I have completely immersed myself in cross-stitching mostly with a little crocheting thrown in here and there.
  I started a Granny Square afghan quite a few months ago in the hopes it would be easy to bring along to the rink. Turns out that by the time I pack all the hockey gear I just never have it in me to bring yet another bag along too. If I do have a spare hand it's usually holding a Starbucks!
  There are all sorts of photos to share of all the projects I've completed and have in progress but it's about my bedtime so I'm going to save it all for another post. I'm so behind on uploading photos but hope to work on that in the weeks to come now that summer break is upon us (although with the way we've been going, it doesn't feel like much of a break!).
  Did I mention I'm doing another Project 365 this year? Yep, I am! But this time I'm keeping it strictly to photos taken with my iPhone! My 7-year old and my my hubby are doing it along with me. As soon as I get caught up on uploading, I will share but rest assured, we have been taking them!


Carolyn said...

So nice to read your update! I hear you on the scrapbooking. I have a ton of paper supplies and just as many digi supplies and I haven't done a layout in a few years, mainly due to health issues and real life. I still read the scrapping blogs but I really would like to get back to it. I need to quit reading and start scrapping!

Carol said...

So glad to see you post! I can't believe it's been a year, oh my goodness, dear sweet Kayla.

Your hockey photos are so crisp, wow.

As for scrapping only do it if it makes your heart sing, maybe it will again one day. I hope so because you are a brilliant scrapper. But you know, if not, you'll itch that creative scratch in other ways.

Cra-Z-cat said...

i feel your pain.. i just lost my dog of 14yrs 2 wks ago and i'm so lonely w/o her.. missing our daily walks.. and 3 months b4 that my himalayan kitty of 12 yrs passed.. double whammy so to speak.. think about them both every day.. and i too have reminders so close.. my fb wall has pics of both of them and as does my puters.. so glad i have those pictures..

thoughts r w/ u during ur sorrow of this sad day..

*Christie* said...

"If I do have a spare hand it's usually holding a Starbucks!"

That's why you're my girl.

I am definitely a bag lady everywhere I go between the computer, a knit or crochet project and bringing my own lunch. Sigh. Always feel so bogged down.

I'm so sorry about Kayla. I know how much you miss her.

I miss YOU a great deal and really hope we get to hang out soon. Without being able to talk digiscrap and crocheting with you things haven't been nearly as fun!!