Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The "stuff" has found homes

Thanks you all for the wonderful suggestions for donating my quilting, scrapbooking stuff. I've managed to sort through all my quilting stuff and I contacted a lady at Firehouse Quilts that is kind enough to come pick up all 9 boxes this week! This group of ladies make quilts for women and children in crisis. I would also like to thank a blog reader, Julie that lives locally for coming this week to pick up my scrapbooking stuff (at least all but the stuff my boys wanted to keep for art projects). She's going to donate it to her Creative Memory consultant that visits the cancer ward at children's hospital and lets them make cards and have fun with the stuff! I'm going to donate all my books (and there's a lot of them) to the library today. Now onto the baby stuff....that's going to go to the consignment shop :)


Carol said...

Well that's just wonderful Chris, you're a lovely person for donating all of these goodies and I'm sure it's all been appreciated. It's acts of kindness like this that really make the world a better place. Oh I know you just wanted space, but for these people, you are a crafty angel!!

Anonymous said...
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