Friday, February 16, 2007

Layout of...someone's cute kitty!

I found this adorable picture on Stockxchng (a stock photo site) to use for this layout.
Thank you all again for the most wonderful comments!!!!! It does my heart good!!!! Tip for the doodles....I used the blue felt sheet over the yarn doodle layer and created a clipping mask (or group them according to your sotware method) to give the yarn some texture. Then I added a drop shadow for depth. Just something to try!

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Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for the fabulous pet kits. When my skeeter died suddenly 2 years ago and I realized I only had about 5 pictures of him and none of them were very good, I decided that from now on I will take lots of pictures of my pets and scrap them so I will have a nice album instead of a couple of blurry or poorly exposed pictures. So my thoughts now are, one can never have enough great pet papers and elements