Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New (to me) Techniques!

I don't know about you, but I'm terrified of framing my own needlework. I've recently watched a YouTube video ( Part 1 and Part 2) about how to do your own framing and so I gave it a try on this very small (3in x 3in) piece. It wasn't much of a challenge but I've decided I still do not care for doing my own framing. With more practice I hope to get better at it.

Another new-to-me finishing technique is this no-sew cube. Well I used the cube technique and tweaked it a bit to make this little Halloween 'flat cube' ornament all ready for Halloween! If you would like to try this yourself, here is a couple of great videos! Video 1 and Video 2

Last but not least I stitched my first Blackwork design (Pattern here) in preparation for a Blackwork Hummingbird pattern from World of Cross Stitching issue 231! I've joined a Facebook SAL and we will start stitching Sept 1! Come join us if you want!!!!


Esmeralda said...

Love your little birdy and the owl cube
Thanks for the video tip :)
I will try it out
Blackwork is what i allso never done must do that allso :)
O dear so many projects so little time and so many beautiful designs to choose from
Look forward to see your hummingbird dont have facebook so cant join you
Greetings from holland

rosey175 said...

Your owl cube has turned out great! I think blackwork is quite interesting but have yet to try it myself. So many things to do and try and and and...! :)

Calico said...

Thank you!

Calico said...

Thank you! I know I need another lifetime to stitch!