Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Progress!

Progress on the May flower-Lily of the Valley from the Flower of the Month Sal. This is the first month I didn't get my flower done and I blame it on Honey Bear (Dimensions)....

 Once I started working on this project, I couldn't pull myself away!

I got nearly half done with it! I love this project and really struggled to pull myself away to work on the flower. My plan for June is to finish the May flower, get a start on the June flower and get back to this and maybe the Blue Jay's Birdhouse. Next blog post will be a Haul post to show my recent purchases!


rosey175 said...

You certainly made a lot of progress on Honey Bear though! I am sure you'll be able to catch up on the May flower though, it's so close~ :D

Stitching in the country said...

Good progress on both and there's plenty of time to finish the lily. Most of us are still months behind