Monday, April 28, 2014

The North Wind- Progress Update

This design is stitching up so quickly that my blog updates couldn't keep up with my stitching. So, you get to enjoy all the updates in one post! I started with the lower left of the design and worked along to the right.

Is wasn't until I got to the barn that I really was able to see the effects of the hand-dyed floss. I really like the look it gives!
A close-up of the little Robin looking for frozen worms...and not finding many I would guess!

Next I moved on to the snow flakes and clouds. A bit tedious doing the individual snow diamonds with all the starts and stops...but it looks great when done. I ALMOST used beads but decided against it in the end.

Finished up the rest of the wording...

and the final snowflakes.

All that's left is the Robin on the branch and my next post will be the finished project!


Anonymous said...

beautiful stitching, love this design ♥

Carol said...

Hey Chris, just tried to email you from your address in the side bar but it wouldn't go through. Had a crochet question for you. Help!