Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time for a blog re-design and re-direction!

I've decided to switch gears with this blog so you may notice some changes coming soon. First I'm going to change the name. When I first created this blog I did so as a means to share the digital scrapbook kits I designed. Well, those of you who have followed me since those early days have come to realize that I haven't created anything new for probably a year or so. Life became more demanding and I never was one for organizing my time well. I always felt my designing time was too limited for me to be creative. I lost my designing mojo and sadly, it never returned :( Plus, I missed scrapping! Designing took away all my scrapping time.
I now use this blog primarily to share my digital layouts...infrequent as they may be. I've been thinking that since my interests change often I want this blog to reflect whatever it is I may feel like blogging about. Hence the decision to give this old blog a new direction. It will soon become a place for me to share anything I happen to be involved in at any given time. Some examples may include, craft projects, photography, homeschooling adventures, my dog, my boys, scrapbooking layouts (of course!) and anything I find interesting enough to pass along. So, that being said, I hope if you subscribe to this blog you will continue to do so and if it no longer interests you, I'll totally understand!!!! As a side note, my store is still up and running with all my old kits.


*Christie* said...

YAY! I'm glad you're doing this, because hopefully it means you will blog more often :) I love your layouts but also love all your photos and anything else you want to share!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so awesome and I too have not created anything new in awhile. I had so much fun creating and learning and I want to start again, but also want to try photography and other things too. I have you bookmarked because i can definately learn from you. :)

Carol said...

Perfect name for your new direction, including whatever will take your whimsy!