Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice-Skating/Gingerbread Event

COVA (Hunter's online school) hosted and Ice-skating party / gingerbread contest. This was the first time on ice-skates for the boys and they loved it!
Credits:Template #73-Yin Designs: Kit-Frosty Flurries-Pamela Donnis: Ice skate doodle-Bundle Up by SMJ & Kate Hadfield: Gingerbread Doodles- Cookies for Santa by Kate Hadfield: Fonts- Chubble and Dupree


Anonymous said...

I recently stumbled across your birdwatching blog and noticed you haven't posted for some time. Will you be continuing this blog? You certainly have gotten some wonderful birds in your area!

Calico said...

Anon-I will try to update my bird blog today! I didn't think anyone cared,lol! I've been uploading my recent pics to Flickr but I'll get them on my blog, too :)