Saturday, January 10, 2009

I forgot to mention MY project 365

I've decided to join in on the hottest thing in digiland...project 365. If you haven't joined in on the fun yourself, you're probably tired of hearing about it (and you're probably not even reading this). Anyway, when I first read about it I had ZERO interest in it. I thought why would I, someone who has thousands of photos on my hardrive already, want to take 365 more photos of random things. Then on the second day of the year, I started reading and seeing examles of finished 365 projects and found myself emmersed in the thought of doing my own. Luckily I took some photos the day before (Jan 1) so I grabbed my camera and set out on the journey. The best 6 year old son, Hunter heard me talk about it and said he wanted to do his own p-365. I got us both set up on our own blogs and I'm proud to say that on day 10, we're both still going strong! Here's our links;


Anonymous said...

Where can I got more information on the project 365? Sounds like fun.

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

You've been blogged, read all about it here:::

Happy Scrapin' Kat

Calico said...

Hi Nancy, I edited my post to include a link to give you some info on project 365. You can also read lots about it in the forums at

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the info. Going to go check it out right now. :)