Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

I had a wonderful day, the weather was gorgeous! Hubby made one of my favorite dinners with strawberry shortcake for dessert, yum! Thanks for the suggestions on the papers, too! It seems the majority of you think they look like quilting fabric. Funny, being an ex-quilter I didn't even think of that but now that I look at them, they sure do! I guess the quilter in me will be there forever! I'll try to come up with some elements but I may move on to a whole different thing since I already did the quilting thing with my Quilter's Stash series, lol!


ScrapShana said...

Happy belated birthday! I was sent to your blog by a fan of yours to check out your designs, and your store. I'd love it if you could send me some information on how to set my own up. Email is: scrapshana at gmail dot com.

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

I blogged ya today, come check it out at my blog...XOX Kat