Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sad, but true...

My son has received 2 ant farms as gift so far and I quickly stuffed them into the back of the closet hoping he would forget about them. It was inevitable, though...I finally had to mail-order some ants for him. I'm not extremely squeamish when it comes to things like that but I was kinda dreading having an ant farm in my house because I really didn't know what to expect. We are currently using the Gel Ant Farm that is maintenance free so all we had to do was put the ants in and watch. I have to admit, I'm hooked! I really love to watch the little guys feverishly go to town digging and working from dusk till dawn. I've spent more time watching them than the boys have! I even go in right before I go to bed to check on them and they look so cute curled up next to each other sleeping. I think I'm getting rather attached and will probably be very sad when they die in a month or two :(. Seems like a sad little existence. If I could tell them apart, I probably would've named each one of them! I must do a layout soon :)
Thank you to all that answered my QP question. The conclusion I'm coming to is there are more out there that dislike them than like them. However, those that do like them would like the 8.5x11 size. I've decided that my next freebie will NOT be a quickpage (unless I throw one in as an extra) but if I do any in the future I will add additional ones in 8.5x11sizes! Off to work on my kit and watch Desperate Housewives :)


Anonymous said...

I made an ant farm for my college biology project. i was never big on ants, but it was so interesting! i have photos of mine here:

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think we're living in an ant farm! I swear, they're everywhere around here! I can't imagine keeping them as pets but am considering an anteater. ;)

About the quickpages: I don't find that they very often match the color scheme of my photos so don't use them frequently. But, when I do, I also like them to be rectangular. Fortunately, it's easy to modify a square by cropping off the excess or adding a bit of coordinating background.

Love your designs, by the way!