Friday, June 8, 2007

'Through This Life' charity kit

Is this kit amazing or what? If you would like to read more about where 100% of the proceeds for this kit will go or if you want to purchase it, GO HERE.
It was so exciting to be a part of a charity kit and to actually see my name on a product with other talented designers. I would love to do more charity kits in the future.


Kelly Jansema said...

Link not working. Thought you would like to know.

Calico said...

Thanks! I fixed it :)

Susan - s3js said...

A wonderful thing to do. Shame on the insurance! He was so sick he died, but didn't need hospitalization? I wonder about some of this. Some people's children!

This is such a beautiful kit I'm sure it will do well. Just the making and the offer have already been a source of comfort and support, I'm sure.

Unknown said...

I hate insurance companies. They have their hands out for your money but when it comes time to pay out, they'll do everything they can to cheat you.

Anyway, thanks for letting us know about the kit and I loved your contribution as well. I bought it and hope a bunch of others do as well.